Tuesday, October 18, 2011

once you’re tuned in to it

Did you see that guy? He was looking at me … in a way, I don’t know what to make of it. I can tell something is going on here, weird things, you know. Once you’ve noticed it you kind of tune in to it, and then it is obvious. They are planning something.
What I’m doing here, you know, it’s just my job, nothing personal. Still it means you can’t always be friends with everybody. A while ago I began to notice something was … well, different. Like, when people talk and fall silent the moment I get near them. The looks, all the little signs.

Got to be careful.

I’m quite sure they still think I don’t know. Ha, that is the one step I am ahead of them. Never let them know what I know, very important, very important. I trust you, I wouldn’t tell you all this if I didn’t, I saw you how you look over your shoulder sometimes. I bet you’ve noticed, too. Maybe you are on their list as well, who knows? What do you think? Say nothing, the walls have ears.

What strikes me is this: why me? What is so special about me that makes them build this incredibly complex, gobal network around my person to observe my moves, all the schemes they must be making, trying to get at me … it all proves that I must be of unimaginable importance.
I just wonder why.

What was that noise behind us?

you must have noticed, too