Monday, December 2, 2013

the golden voice

You know what they say, we all are singers. It's true: I grew up with it, so I guess I was lucky, having that kind of musical background where it's just natural to be a musician. Singing was always part of our life.

On the other hand, it's a lot harder to get noticed when everybody else is doing it, too: where I come from, being a singer – a good singer – is nothing special. People have told my I was talented, and it would be a nice and modest thing to say here I was just another hard-working musician.

But I don't want to lie: It's true. I am a genius. I'm so talented … it's never been much work for me. I just have this incredible voice, I can't stop listening to my songs myself. I have this huge collection of records – but you'd have a hard time finding anything in it that's not one of my own countless recordings. They're just outstanding! So, It was just a matter of time until someone discovered me.  It might have taken a bit longer due to the fact that we all sing more or less (did I say that already?), but well, it's obvious, that I am doing it on a whole different level. It's another world, a higher dimension. I don't mind all the others warbling along, let them have some fun, but if you want real art, you don't get past my work.
And, I hate to state the obvious: I have the looks.

This is very important when you perform:  The looks. Cool, sexy and a bit dangerous. Intense presence on stage. Beautiful skin tone and a body like a statue. Charisma. Like me. This is something that comes naturally, it is just impossible to learn it. Either you have it or you don't.
Obviously, I do.

Due to all these facts, I always knew I was bound to end up at the very top. It's just my destiny to be famous - and my duty, too. Don't I have to see to it that as many people out there as possible get the chance to experience my extraordinary gift? Wouldn't it be unfair to not let the public share the bliss of being enchanted by my golden voice? Everybody knows that fame soon came to me – it had to, after all – and I was ready to take my chance.

The rest is history. So yes, I think I deserve to be what I am today.

And yes, I feel offended by you asking my name. What do you mean, you never heard of me?

Enrico with the golden voice