Tuesday, May 13, 2014

his punk rocking heart

Okay, I guess it was not one of his best days. He was probably embarrassed that I caught him fluttering about on that sunlit spring clearing in the forest. A very joyful sight, I thought. But there is always more to it than meets the eye. Anyway, I involuntarily smiled at him (who wouldn't do that in my place?), and he asked me to stop showing my (...) teeth  at him. 
Not quite the reaction you'd expect at that moment. I put on as mean a face as I could and asked what the problem was. Honestly, the guy made me curious. Here is his story.

Roger* grew up in a simple little neighborhood not far from where we met. He spent his childhood without knowing his parents, which is not unusual in families like his. Like many of his age and species, his life was more or less about the old materialistic things, food, leaves, shelter, and avoiding the attention of the birds. He was a caterpillar (or "maggot" as he put it) like any other and ate a lot. A normal child.

He grew quickly and with every shed of skin he went through he wondered more what to be in his life. He hung around with new people, got curious about other ways of life, and ate a lot. One day he heard a buzzing bombardier beetle and was totally overwhelmed. Up to that time, music had never seemed an option to him. Sometimes it was even a rather scaring thing to him, especially bird song. That buzzing beetle really opened a door to new worlds for Roger!  Here was something he could do.
From that day, Roger did pretty much avoid his kind, who definitely frowned at his new interest in music and his new friends. The danger connected to music in general made the idea even more appealing to him. There was excitement. Adventure. A way to shock the boring crowd he came from. Roger started to wear carefully ragged clothing, acted rude, hung around with mean maggots and ate a lot. He wanted to grow to be a big, bad, punk rocking beetle. He also played the drums a lot, and with remarkable talent. Music was his life, and the more people hated it, the bigger was his motivation to do it. Like so many youngsters, Roger needed to rebel, and now he had found a way.

As time passed Roger and his friends (who were very much of the same age) felt that their childhood days would soon come to an end, and it was time to make the "transition", which would leave them hamstrung for quite a while, so they made an appointment: After all was over they would rejoin and form a band! That being said, they separated and did what had to be done to grow up.

At the meeting, Roger found that his old buddies, who had all grown up to be mean looking insects, didn't want him any more. His drumming was still excellent, but they seemed to be embarrassed at the idea of performing with him on stage. Apparently he didn't have "the looks". Roger tried to wear a mask on stage, but in the end they found another drummer, and Roger was left alone.

So every now and then, he joyfully flutters about on that sunlit clearing (it's his nature after all), and he hates it. If you meet him, make sure you wear a proper frown. It'll make his punk rocking heart happy.

*name changed by the deer

he was almost in the band.

Friday, May 2, 2014

the famous insect

Everybody in the forest used to laugh about this little insect. He took images of himself wherever he would go.
Now there is this show about the "selfie" phenomenon in Berlin, and WOW!
Right where all the insect selfies are, there it is in the exhibition, for the world to see! They say, everybody should have their fifteen minutes of fame in their lives. If you have the chance to come to Berlin these days, you can see it at the pictoplasma portrait gallery at Kaufhaus Jandorf, Brunnenstrasse.
Stop by and say hello!

(Edit: meanwhile the exhibition is over. But the selfies go on!)

(Photo courtesy of gurkensalat.)

insect selfie at pictoplasma
Look at me, world!

Monday, April 7, 2014

blend in and survive

Let's go over there, I feel more comfortabel talking to you whithout all the world watching. You never know.

Safety first, this is what I'd say if I was to give you an advice. Nothing personal, sir, but these antlers ... it looks to me like you're really exposing yourself too much.
My opinion of course. No offense intended.

No, no, I'm perfectly fine with the interview, don't have anything to hide, do I? It's important for the little guy on the street to get himself heard, right? In a way it's the duty of the average person like me to tell our little things to blogwriting people like you, even if they wear fancy antlers. Oh, don't be upset, please, I didn't mean to ... you're not? Really?
Basically, there's nothing to be afraid if, after all we do have freedom of talk, don't we? It's just - well, this will be published, right? So if you'd be so kind to not mention my name? Is that acceptable for you?
You may get a false impression here: I am not easily frightened. Not at all. If necessary I can be very courageous, ask anybody. But am not blind, I read the news. There are people out there, who are (how do I put this, I don't want to upset anybody) – well people you don't want to get into a conflict with, you know what I mean? Best not to get noticed at all. Like, not seeking the danger, it looks like the best way to live to me. To stay out of trouble and safe my braveness for the really important causes. Don't tell anybody, but I really am a hero deep inside. I feel this heroic flame in my heart, in a way. Sounds a bit overblown, but that is how I feel. Well, that's something I better keep to myself.

I've heard a song about how it's not easy being green because you blend in with many things, I don't see what's wrong with that? I personally am not green, but see what I wear. Pretty clever, huh?
Some shelter, some camouflage, nothing fancy or flashy. This way I can blend in and survive and be brave in private and undisturbed. Like I said, safety first.

And think about those antlers.

hermit crab
deep inside, I am a hero

Friday, March 28, 2014

I look just like him

I know, I've heard it before. I don't watch a lot of TV, but it seems like I look a lot like the guy. He must be quite famous, isn't he?
I thought so.

But I am not that talented, I don't think I am suited for the 'show business', as it's called. I'm more the stay-at-home type. Boring, if that's what you want to call it. I just don't like all this excitement and attention, I think it's better to stay in my place.

But it's tempting. To think I could – just theoretically, you know what I mean? – I could take advantage of it? All it would take would be a slight change of clothing and I'd probably look exactly like the guy. Well, up to now I could resist doing that. I just figure that someone who's become that famous a celebrity must be good looking and sympathetic and – how do they call it? – cool in a general way. So maybe I am a little bit like this. Feels good to think so. A great lot of my family are into the sanitizing business, no actors or singers I've heard of; personally I feel that I am more inclined towards the field of "wellness" and such, something clean and healthy, working with people, you know?

Can't hurt to come across as a cool and handsome type then, what do you think? Who knows, maybe it will help me in the end.

I wouldn't want to trade places with that actor guy though, I'm just too shy for that kind of life. Still it's a bit flattering to hear I look so much like him.

What's his name again?

George Clooney?

handsome and generally cool

Thursday, January 30, 2014

millions can't be wrong

Sorry, I was kind of buzzy lately, can we do the interview now? OK.

You know what strikes me as odd? It's all the talking about money. So many people take it much too serious, I think. Like it's all that matters. "Money makes the world go 'round" - don't they say this? It's some primate saying, I believe.

Oops - I know you don't write about them here; but is it okay for me to mention 'em? You know what I mean - the "H" word. Honestly, they are all over the place. We all know that and try our best to either get along or ignore it. But I'm aware you're focussing on normal people here. You can just edit this out if you need to.

Anyway - obviously money isn't as big a thing as these people think. So many are obsessed with it, I've seen 'em kill each other, can you believe it? For a bundle of crumpled paper!

Now we know what matters in life. It's just like they say: we're millions and so many of us just can't be wrong. Rich or poor - from my point of view it does make some difference (richer isn't always better I must say), it must be something about the diet. But it's not vital, believe me - I've been to the gutter and I've been to Broadway, I have pretty much seen it all. Money is just not the point.

You know, we are everywhere, we are many, looking down to this world through billions of small eyes. Most folks don't even notice we're there, but we are - and we see all this mess. It makes you laugh, can't help it! We are the ones you should ask what really counts.

I give you a hint: it's not true that it doesn't reek. Haha. Gotta live, that's it, you see? Money or no money, you need food and a warm place, something to buzz for and your crowd and you're fine. You don't get that from printed pieces of paper, you need something real, don't you? Warm and soft and with a flavour. You know what I'm talking about: It's life!

So that's my two cents (no pun intended here). Gotta whirr off. See you!

I've been to Broadway.

Friday, January 24, 2014

peace and harmony

I am a patient person. I do all sorts of things that keep me in tune with the world. Harmony is the key. Balancing the weights of life. Playing along with the world's great song. In my eyes, this is all that counts.

I've been this mild-mannered, friendly person all my life, and I didn't miss a chance to perfect it: I meditate on a daily basis. I do yoga. I drink lots of tea and you'd be amazed about what I can do with breath control. A positive diet is important, too. I do all these things because I really believe it matters. It makes the world a better place, and look at the world now: it really needs any help it can get!

Most of the problems of our time wouldn't exist if people were more sensitive to eachother's needs, more in-tune with the world. They need to get aware of the universe as a whole. And once we're all in tune with it, harmony will reign the planet. It makes me sad to see how most people seem to think life is all about fighting, and they use so much of their valuable energy to harm their neighbor instead of helping each other and contributing to a better world.

And then there are the ones who talk about peace and harmony and they're achieving plain nothing. Because they are doing it all wrong! They don't see the whole picture, do a good thing here and ruin it all by not following my rules with the next thing …
Did I say my rules? Sorry, they are not mine of course, I mean universal rules. Karma. Wisdom. That kind of thing. If they're not doing it right, they mess it all up. Drives me crazy!

I do have a lot of patience, and seeing things as clearly as I do, I need every bit of it. All this talk about individuality and finding your own way, nice and good. As long as it's done properly, I have no objections. Just, most of you seem to think it means you can do what you want, try all imaginable things out, and make an awful mess doing so. You really make me mad, and my wrath could be horrible with all the knowledge I have gathered over the years! You'd tremble in fear facing my powers. I'd destroy all of you, fight you worthless enemies of peace and wisdom and drink your foul smelling sinner's blood!
But I am strong, I can control it. For the time being …

It's so simple: It is all about harmony. This means, no playing out of tune. It's about time everybody follows my example. If you're not sure - just ask me, I know the answers.

I am a patient person. One of these days, I'm going to freak out.

an angry mouse
harmony is the key