Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I know what this looks like. I couldn’t match the stereotype any better and, honestly, these things don't make it easier for me.

People like you always want simple explanations, maybe ask yourself why this is the case. Like, are you capable to handle the true complexity of things … Did it ever occur to you who does all the sand examination? And don't tell me you didn't know sand has to be examined to properly lie around. Especially in conditions of danger. This has to be done by someone, and that someone is me.

Not that I am the bravest one in this desert, I don't take any more risk than necessary, but that's just reasonable behaviour, no? No need to call me a coward. It’s all about sand examination in potentially risky conditions. Plus, from a more existentialist approach: Is danger even existing when there is no one there observing it? Of course not, because then nobody is there to be the object of danger. So if a person is present but refuses to take notice of danger, does that mean…?

You see, this is where I join in for empirical studies. Philosophical basic research, ground examination, sandology and a dozen even more complicated things I don’t start to bother trying to explain to you.

Chicken? Read your ornithology books!

empirical low-risk sandology