Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who is Mr. Trad?

For all we know,  he started his journey in a southern state he often lightheartedly referred to as his "sweet home", heading for the Missisippi delta area. Whether he ever arrived there or got lost on the way, we have no conclusive evidence as of yet. His reputation of general unreliability may suggest the latter to be likely.
We know for sure, though, that the person in question carried on the very joint of his leg an instrument of peculiar shape, feel and sound. From this fact we may assume that he was (and probably is) a musician, either by profession or amateur.

The weather conditions were interesting enough to be mentioned here: Although it was  a dry night on the day of his departure, it rained all the time.
The sun  shone with intense heat, making him "freeze to death", as he would put it. This may be an exaggeration, as he obviously was alive enough to report his travels in a song. Generally, the credibility of his statements may be disputable.

The song gives us a valuable hint as to what the purpose of his venture may have been. Seemingly he intended to meet a person he felt great affection for, and cared about, as the song asks her not to weep in more that one passage of it's lyrics. We even know the person's name, as it made it's way to the title of the song. Not knowing who she is, we decided not to publish it though, respecting the privacy of a stranger. (Even more so as our main source, the song, implies a connection to a person of possibly questionable reputation).

If you have any knowledge of Mr. Trad.'s true identity and/or whereabouts, please contact us through this blog.

A phantom drawing of the mysterious Mr. Trad.