Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I was not the first one to ask him why he was doing this, he said. And that he was asked to get out there many times, but no, he wouldn't.

Not now anyway.

Questioning this guy was a tough task, one of the more difficult interviews I had done in a while. Truth be told, I'm not sure if it was a very good one, but here it is for you to judge yourself.
First I wanted to know what it actually was that he was doing there - not a good opener as it showed. His defences went up immediately.
"What kind of a question is that supposed to be! Can't you see?", he snapped.
I replied that as I found him in quite an unusual position, I thought it was fair to ask.
"First of all, it's really none of your business. Mind your own stuff, won't you? And besides, I'm quite sure what you really want to know is why I am doing this, so why didn't you ask straight away? Not that I am interested in letting you know. I strongly believe that it's important for everyone to keep their secret. Nowadays everyone seems to run around letting the whole world know every single move they do, I bet you're one of them, too. How very boring. You people think you take a quick look and it's enough to know everything. But I tell you something:
What you're seeing is only the top of the iceberg!"

The tip, I corrected him.

"Aaah Mister know-it-all. So I was right. The tip, the top, the tippitippi tip top. Is that how you do this? Ask questions and tell people how to answer? So you don't need me, do you? You'll make up your own story anyway, and write in your plock thing about how I am doing this silly thing. Because you don't understand. I will tell you no more than that I do have my reasons and if you can't see the big picture, it's really not my problem."

I stated that it was only natural to be curious and that if he had something to tell about his reasons, I was here to listen. But he replied:
"Oh, so you're curious! Well, I won't tell you - that's the point in keeping your secret, isn't it? I'm afraid you have to go home with your curiosity and deal with it. I have nothing more to say.
Think I really have to wiggle my toes now. Good bye."

The interview was over. I thought, maybe he was just trying to be interesting. Or maybe he was right. Who knows?

keeping his secret