Monday, April 7, 2014

blend in and survive

Let's go over there, I feel more comfortabel talking to you whithout all the world watching. You never know.

Safety first, this is what I'd say if I was to give you an advice. Nothing personal, sir, but these antlers ... it looks to me like you're really exposing yourself too much.
My opinion of course. No offense intended.

No, no, I'm perfectly fine with the interview, don't have anything to hide, do I? It's important for the little guy on the street to get himself heard, right? In a way it's the duty of the average person like me to tell our little things to blogwriting people like you, even if they wear fancy antlers. Oh, don't be upset, please, I didn't mean to ... you're not? Really?
Basically, there's nothing to be afraid if, after all we do have freedom of talk, don't we? It's just - well, this will be published, right? So if you'd be so kind to not mention my name? Is that acceptable for you?
You may get a false impression here: I am not easily frightened. Not at all. If necessary I can be very courageous, ask anybody. But am not blind, I read the news. There are people out there, who are (how do I put this, I don't want to upset anybody) – well people you don't want to get into a conflict with, you know what I mean? Best not to get noticed at all. Like, not seeking the danger, it looks like the best way to live to me. To stay out of trouble and safe my braveness for the really important causes. Don't tell anybody, but I really am a hero deep inside. I feel this heroic flame in my heart, in a way. Sounds a bit overblown, but that is how I feel. Well, that's something I better keep to myself.

I've heard a song about how it's not easy being green because you blend in with many things, I don't see what's wrong with that? I personally am not green, but see what I wear. Pretty clever, huh?
Some shelter, some camouflage, nothing fancy or flashy. This way I can blend in and survive and be brave in private and undisturbed. Like I said, safety first.

And think about those antlers.

hermit crab
deep inside, I am a hero