Thursday, May 3, 2012


From the very start on, even when he was a little child, Diego showed a special talent for rhythm. He did o.k. in school, just average you'd say, but when it came to music, there was no denying that this was exactly what he was born for.

Diego would take any instrument, out of natural curiosity, try it and instantly come up with something that sounded like music of some kind ...
But really, rhythm was his passion. He used to tap and drum on everything that lend itself to it (and, let's face it, there aren't so many things that don't), sometimes including his younger siblings. At more than one point his parents considered sedative medication to „help him to fit in better“.
He did not get any special musical education. Well, history is full of evidence that this will not stop real talent from evolving. Later he would read everything he could get his hands on (no pun intended), as long as it related to music, absorb any information he overheard, listen to music, and learn.

Diego left school as early as possible, went to town and started to play in any band that didn't forcefully stop him. He grew, he learned, he got known for his style. Diego was happy – poor, but happy. Before too long, he was the best known free jazz percussionist in town.

Well, best known by the musicians. His complex rhythmic patterns and grooves, admired by his fellow musicians, were considered rather tiresome by the general audience. This way, he had to realize, he would be starving in the end.

Today, Diego still isn't rich, but he's making a living. Just sometimes he regrets he did not become an accountant or an engineer. He really hates playing in that mariachi band.

the sad rattlesnake
Diego makes a living