Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the pensive pioneer

So this is it.
It looks like I am first, nobody else is here … well, a few plants as far as I can see.
Rocks, too.

What next?

Funny how everybody is so excited about who is the first one and we never think about what to do once we are there. Actually, there isn't anything here at all.
I guess that means there is nothing to do, really.

... er ...

Let's say it's a great opportunity to get away from it all, leave all my everyday trouble behind, relax and find a way to my true self. Sounds a lot better when I put it this way. Aaah, so peaceful and quiet.
And now?
My true self - not sure if that is someone I want to be alone with...

They warned me, they said there's no point to it, coming here. It's just not a place to be for our kind, they said. And that it couldn't possibly lead to anything good.
But if there's a frontier, someone must explore what's behind it. That is why I am here. There has to be a first person to do this, there wouldn't be any progress otherwise. Gotta evolve, I used to say. Venture out. Take risks.

Well, here I am.
What a dull place, to be honest.
But if I go back, I'd prove them right. Everybody'd laugh at me …
Does that mean I'm stuck being the explorer now? Is it my fate to be here? Even when I'm wasting my time?

I'll stay a while and see what happens. The good thing is, it's probably not dangerous, as there is nothing here. Could be extremely boring, though.

They are probably right. This will not lead to anything …

to boldly waddle where no one has waddled before