Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the pilot

He didn’t say much now. This was what he was like before the flight – his mind completely focused on the task that lay before him. The tension was incredible. He prepared himself for the massive stress is body was about to have to take. Not losing his concentration was crucial. He’d have to rely on his lightning fast reactions. One single mistake could be the end, so he couldn’t get away with a single moment of unattentiveness. Even blinking one’s eye was potentially fatal, so he didn’t. Not that it was his first flight but even more so - routine misled many of them before to carelessness. And there were birds and raindrops and all kinds of dangers out there. But there also was freedom and that smell that made men like him go out there again and again, no matter how dangerous it was. It was an obsession: flying was just his nature.
He wiped his face once more. A slight movement in his feet.
Ready to take off.

completely focused on his task.

Friday, May 27, 2011

finders keepers

Oh, what a swell hat. This looks like a premium quality, very good hat. I bet it was expensive. Could even belong to a celebrity, some superstar kind of person. Just that kind of hat is it.
I wonder who left it here. I could … well maybe …
No I won’t do that.
I mean, what if … if I just picked it up and and tried it on for a second? I really wonder if it would fit me.
Honestly, an exceptionally beautiful hat. And it is blue. Did I mention that I am very fond of the colour blue, particularly with hats? Well, I am.
Nice, nice nice ...
But if (i mean, if) I try it on, just for a second, only to find out if it fits my head which is a rather small head, so it might be too large anyway, so if I’d try it on and just in that very moment the supercelebrity owner of this nice blue hat happened to pass by, say, searching for his hat he lost just a few minutes ago – that would put me in a situation. Yes, I guess so.
On the other hand, they say finders keepers, don’t they?
But these super rich celebriticity hat owners, you don’t want to mess with them. I heard that, everybody knows it.
I better leave it here, better not touch it. Don’t want to get myself in trouble here.

I might come back later and see if it is still here.

what a nice hat this is

Thursday, May 26, 2011

slow please

I can't stand that. Everybody keeps standing in my way. How can they all move so slowy? Seriously, this is driving me crazy. CRAZY!!!
Everyboy seems to have so much time. I got to be there first, can’t anybody see that? It is IMPORTANT to be the first one, don’t wanna be a loser after all. GET GOING NOW!!!! Are you all frozen to the ground?
I'll never get past these sloths. Hurryhurryhurry! I just can’t believe it.
Why the hurry? I want to be there early, so I can wait a little. Calms me down.

slow please

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

mostly harmless visitor

I am new to this forest and I come in peace.
Having travelled this far, I can not enoughly stress the massivility of importicance of having your towel with you allst the time. Especially today!
Oh, you already knew that?
Well, what about some tea then?

What about some tea?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

scribble your own

The cat has grown older, but it‘s still there where it always was. It didn’t learn how to sing in all these years, would not even get through the front door of american idol with that voice.
The cat doesn‘t care, it is a legend anyway.
Everybody knows that.
And once you got used to the voice, you‘ll realize that it sings the best songs in the world. Seriously.
Here‘s to the cat.

the best songs in the world

rain or shine

He carried an umbrella with him wherever he went, every day. Just in case, he would say (if adressed, maybe, on a hot and sunny summer day by some really curious person who couldn’t help staring at him and who then decided it to be better to ask right away). Just in case.
For most people this was enough of an explanation.
The truth is, he didn’t carry the umbrella for fear that it might rain, like most people probably assumed. He just did not want to lose it.
»You know how it goes«, he explained when I finally came around to ask him, »It rains, and you go outside with your umbrella. You come to a friend’s house, or maybe the office or your nest« (Did I mention that he was a bird? Not that it mattered much here.) »Later, when you leave, the sun is shining, and you forget it. And you will never remember where you left it.«
I nodded. This made sense.

he always carried his umbrella

Sunday, May 22, 2011

the deer

It all started because of that little critter!
The deer was in a strange mood. Munching on some leaves, he muttered »In the old days, the grass used to be greener«.
A little voice coming from the grass nearby said: »And what are you going to do about it?«
»What do you mean: do about it??«
»You can complain all you want, it won’t change a thing. Get the word out, tell everybody what you found out, share your experience and make this a wiser world!« The voice sounded more and more excited.
»Nobody will listen« the deer complained. »People are never interested.«
»Did you even try?« whose ever voice it was, it had a point, thought the deer.
»So you want me to climb onto the rock and shout my stories out into the wood with my mighty deer‘s voice?«
(The deer was quite proud of it’s belling.)
»C‘mon, it’s the 21st century!«, the little voice replied, »I know we are just creatures in the wood, but still …«
»So what do I do then?«
»Start a blog!«

this is the only picture of the deer