Saturday, August 25, 2012

animals anonymous

First thing: I only agree to this interview if I am guaranteed that my identity will not be reveiled. You must understand that I'm in a … let's say I am in a high position, kind of exposed if that's how you want to put it. I do feel obliged to tell the truth, draw all these doings to the light. Still, I've got to be careful, you know, protect myself.

Hence the mask. No, It's not halloween, don't be silly! This is serious, I will not talk to you if you don't respect this. Nobody must never not know who I possibly couldn't be under this disguise. It's a matter of my own security. I won't bargain about this point.

After all, I know … things … you can't imagine what I see, from my angle … all the connections! It's so important for the world to know, so I will be the one to speak out loud. I can see what happens when they find out who I am, though: this must never be allowed to happen. And, being so smart and knowing all the things I know, I found ways to make sure nobody could ever guess or even know who or what I am in „real life“. A perfect disguise. The ultimate camouflage.

(Needless to say, outside of this room: No names. I was never here. We've never met. You know that, you're a pro, I can tell.) So let's start: Do you want to ask questions first or should I just tell my story?

What do you mean, this is enough for you to write about? I didn't even ...

I found the perfect disguise