Friday, May 27, 2011

finders keepers

Oh, what a swell hat. This looks like a premium quality, very good hat. I bet it was expensive. Could even belong to a celebrity, some superstar kind of person. Just that kind of hat is it.
I wonder who left it here. I could … well maybe …
No I won’t do that.
I mean, what if … if I just picked it up and and tried it on for a second? I really wonder if it would fit me.
Honestly, an exceptionally beautiful hat. And it is blue. Did I mention that I am very fond of the colour blue, particularly with hats? Well, I am.
Nice, nice nice ...
But if (i mean, if) I try it on, just for a second, only to find out if it fits my head which is a rather small head, so it might be too large anyway, so if I’d try it on and just in that very moment the supercelebrity owner of this nice blue hat happened to pass by, say, searching for his hat he lost just a few minutes ago – that would put me in a situation. Yes, I guess so.
On the other hand, they say finders keepers, don’t they?
But these super rich celebriticity hat owners, you don’t want to mess with them. I heard that, everybody knows it.
I better leave it here, better not touch it. Don’t want to get myself in trouble here.

I might come back later and see if it is still here.

what a nice hat this is