Sunday, June 19, 2011


He didn‘t have such an easy life. It‘s not like people usually think … wallowing in the mud, eating roots, these easy peasy kind of things. Actually it was hard work. Just keeping the sounder together was a task of it‘s own. His folks were not exactly classic examples for discipline, not only the kids. And there was quite a lot of competition going on, like at any workplace: everybody wants to be the boss. Lots of ambition, no discipline. And the girls – sugar and spice. Need I say more?
Then there were dogs to watch out for (The days of wolves were over. Regrettably, he thought, because even though they were dangerous, at least they had their standards), tourists, hunters, cars, you name it … lots of responsibility.
And for eating roots: you gotta find them first to eat them. Not as simple as it sounds. Wallowing in the mud was okay.
So after a long day’s work, there was nothing better than a drink at the pub down the muddy road. Here he could relax and be nothing but a simple boar with a beer at the bar.

it isn‘t that easy being a boar


  1. a boar drinking a bear in a bar. beautiful.

  2. Cute illustration. He looks so satisfied.