Thursday, August 11, 2011


I admit I should choose my words with more caution.

To a degree, we all seem to assume that the other understands what we mean. Nothing wrong with it, this is how communication works, basically … As long as it doesn’t require mind-reading, it ’s fine. Most of the times. Just sometimes we use these metaphors, images, how ever it is called, these things everybody says all the time and you would never think of somebody not getting that it isn’t meant the way we put it. But this is just an assumption. You never know.

I’ve always relied on: If they don’t get it, they’ll ask. Forgot that someone might get it wrong, and not notice.

This friend of mine (former friend, I should probably say by now), he came along and asked me for a favour. No problem, I am happy to help, but he asked me for my assistance quite a few times before and this time he could help me, too, so I asked him for a favour in return.
Or that was what I intended to say. As I mentioned, I should've chosen my words with more caution.

On the other hand: look at me.
Would I ask someone to scratch my back?

look at me.


  1. That was pretty funny...great setup...

  2. I like your commentary and the prickly little character, especially! Also, thanks for your kind comment on my IF post :)

  3. nice, I love hedgehogs!

    Thanks for the visit! Maybe my greedy monster looks a little bit like you, from neck up, isn't it?
    : - )

  4. these drawings are great!
    i love the little stories that go along with them!
    very creative, and well done :)

  5. How utterly delightful! I must confess to you that whenever I need a bit of cheering up, just seeing your logo does the trick. Marvelous stuff ... All best wishes to you, dear greendeer!