Friday, November 25, 2011

the key

»You know, there are two sorts of things in life: The round and the rest. That's the secret, if you've comprehended this, you possess the key to a happy life. Because the round things are the good ones and then there are skinny things.

Anything skinny will break sooner or later or get jammed or you get it between your feet and you fall down and what will you end up with? Exactly, a bleeding nose. I don't want it, you don't want it. Skinny things are not good.

Then there are pointed things, the kind with straight edges and corners and all that. Pretty high potential to get hurt or cause accidents. I believe these are mostly dangerous, non-helpful things. And straight and pointed things tend to bend easily or get damaged (at least thats my experience so far), these clearly lack roundness, that’s the problem here.

Round is nicer. Tends to hold a lot of pressure and if it bends, it is still round. Easier to turn and good for both the flow of energy and your spine. Especially at the neck. Plus it tastes better.

There seem to be more shapes and forms and stuff, but that's not for me. Too confusing. I say: you want a happy life, you stick to the round things.«

I shrugged. This guy was completely nuts.


  1. "Round is nice." That lovely thought is a great comfort to me as I look into my mirror. And I adore bumble bees (I'm told that my name means bee in Hebrew).

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  3. @ dosankodebbie :
    I'm glad you like this post, I guess its a reminder of the greatness of the round things in general.
    And: yes, bumblebees are cool!