Thursday, February 23, 2012

subway drawing

Sometimes I’m asked where I find all the animals I draw.

Well, they are all around me. To prove this, I did participate in art house's sketchbook project with a book that was supposed to be about things found under car seats.
When it arrived, I noticed that I don't have a car, so this book was entirely drawn on site in the subway (which is also a good excuse for many wobbly lines).
It’s amazing how many different creatures you can meet there...

Here is a sample of my sketchbook along with a link to the project page, if you want to have a look:

but I don't have a car


  1. I wonder what animal I would be if you saw me on the underground (London equivalent of the subway). If you saw someone carrying a pet, would you draw a human for it? Hehe!

    1. Nice to see you around here :-)
      Sometimes people take their dogs to the "tube", then I draw a dog. You can tell by the posture (well, most of the times…).