Monday, June 4, 2012

next time we'll make an appointment

Listen, I have too many things to attend to today, I really haven't got any time for this at all. Go interview somebody else, really, you have no idea what's going on in my life at the moment.
Nobody asks me how I manage this, really, it's basically impossible – you can't be at five places at the same time, can you? Oh, don't ask how I do it. Actually, figuring out what to do first takes so long, imagine all the things I could get done in the meantime. And then, all the tasks I can't cram into my busy day have to be postponed till tomorrow and who is sitting there figuring out how to organize this?

 Your's truly.

Ha, and here I am, hurrying from lunchtime to dinner and you come along asking me for an interview. Right now. Great. You really want to mess up my time schedule, do you? You could have asked before, sorry, I can't tell you a single word now.
No time.

Honestly, life has become so complicated these days, it takes forever just to care for the bare necessities – they call this »progress«, I believe. I don't know, I don't see much improvement. Look at this fast-living, stressful world. Everything is so exhausting nowadays, millions of details to take care of, but who cares how I do it? Nobody ever asks me how I feel about all this. And then someone like you comes along and just assumes I have nothing better to do than answer your interview questions.
Wonderful. Next time tell me before.

Gotta go now, I am in a hurry, you know?

sloth on a branch


  1. How do you feel today, Mr. Deer Prudence?

    In a hurry, again ?


    yes, the sloth knows better .....

  2. I am so amused at the thought of a sloth in a hurry. Also, this is an adorable sloth. I love the expression on his little sloth-face.

  3. I love this sloth! He is so funny and cute! I'm sorry he feels so terribly rushed. Poor thing.

  4. You captured the essence of sloth!

  5. Good morning Mr. Sloth, you've got yourself wrapped around the axle again, haven't you? You'll never get very far that way... let me sit down under your tree for a spell & ponder a possible solution!
    Hm. I've been thinking VERY hard all day & now I'm feeling peckish. May I join you for dinner?

    (As you see I find this post quite inspiring!)

  6. Well, one thing good about being a sloth... when you are hanging upside down and frowning, you look like you're smiling!

    A fun post here.

    1. Thanks, I'll remember it when I see a happy sloth.