Monday, July 29, 2013

a jungle

I told you to stay away from these strangers. You've got to know, there's a jungle out there. Really wild. The nice and tidy world you know is only a small part of the whole big picture.
Here, in this cosy place by the river, you know nothing's going to happen to you. This has always been a safe place. But they are out there, exploring, trying to find greenly, simple people like you and me. They are coming closer. There might be danger in this.

I know, you're growing older now and soon you'll feel the urge to explore. I can't do anything about it, and maybe I shouldn't. It's natural when you're young.
But under the circumstances: Please, please be careful. You wouldn't listen to me anyway. Still I have to warn you - I don't know where you did find this … thing … but it looks frighteningly unfamiliar.
Don't think I'm just old-fashioned, afraid of anything that's new. I admit, I am not as young as I used to be.
But I've heard rumors.

And I am concerned.
Because I care, for it was I who hatched you from when you were soo small. (Oh how very small you were!)

You don't like me saying that, do you? You feel so big now, am I right?

Well, you are. But be home before dark.
And I want to know where you found this. Don't forget:

It's a jungle out there.

sir stanley's hat


  1. Cute! Not looking forward to the day I let my kids out to "explore"!

  2. Yes, yes. I remember those days. I'm sure I looked just like Mama Monster up there. My children probably remember me as having a permanent scold-mixed-with-worry expression on my face.

  3. Wow! Stanley's really stylin' today!

    1. Stanley is bare-headed now. The kid found his hat.