Thursday, January 30, 2014

millions can't be wrong

Sorry, I was kind of buzzy lately, can we do the interview now? OK.

You know what strikes me as odd? It's all the talking about money. So many people take it much too serious, I think. Like it's all that matters. "Money makes the world go 'round" - don't they say this? It's some primate saying, I believe.

Oops - I know you don't write about them here; but is it okay for me to mention 'em? You know what I mean - the "H" word. Honestly, they are all over the place. We all know that and try our best to either get along or ignore it. But I'm aware you're focussing on normal people here. You can just edit this out if you need to.

Anyway - obviously money isn't as big a thing as these people think. So many are obsessed with it, I've seen 'em kill each other, can you believe it? For a bundle of crumpled paper!

Now we know what matters in life. It's just like they say: we're millions and so many of us just can't be wrong. Rich or poor - from my point of view it does make some difference (richer isn't always better I must say), it must be something about the diet. But it's not vital, believe me - I've been to the gutter and I've been to Broadway, I have pretty much seen it all. Money is just not the point.

You know, we are everywhere, we are many, looking down to this world through billions of small eyes. Most folks don't even notice we're there, but we are - and we see all this mess. It makes you laugh, can't help it! We are the ones you should ask what really counts.

I give you a hint: it's not true that it doesn't reek. Haha. Gotta live, that's it, you see? Money or no money, you need food and a warm place, something to buzz for and your crowd and you're fine. You don't get that from printed pieces of paper, you need something real, don't you? Warm and soft and with a flavour. You know what I'm talking about: It's life!

So that's my two cents (no pun intended here). Gotta whirr off. See you!

I've been to Broadway.


  1. you make here a good point. Of course. We ALL know it, but..... we are blind and deaf to each other but if there is some money involved, than it is suddenly an another story...
    The importance of having our wallets ( our bank accounts) filled with money are evident from our conversation in daily life : men ask usually what is your position in a company to estimate your status and earnings and so (indirectly) your "importance" . Should not we ask better : are you happy and satisfied in your job?
    Probably this apply our modern societies in "developed northern hemisphere", I believe in some countries, as Artichokistan, they have an other ideas about it...:)

    Oh yes, the "disguise" person is maybe fed up with her role and choosing for happiness.... who's know?

    1. We can learn so much from these artichikistanis! (and yes, the fly has a point worth thinking about.) Thank you for your comment!

  2. I do kind of like money. For shame. But I've never been to Broadway. That bug has one up on me.

    1. Some money is really pretty. It's just not that important, says the fly.

  3. Well, yes... but if a fly did you use money, then there would suddenly be a price on poop. They are lucky they don't need cash. Lucky fly.

    -is the 'H' word you speak of, Humans?

  4. He says there is enough of the good stuff for everyone, no need for money here.
    - And yes, I think so. :-)

  5. yeah, the fly is right:) and those "printed pieces of paper" doesn't really make the "H" happy