Monday, June 27, 2011

an Interview

 - Mr. G., welcome to our forest. Is there anything you want to tell us first?
Oh please don’t call me Mister. You have to know I am still a child, despite my size. Just call me Junior. I want to say I am very happy to be here, you have lots of free space. I like that.

- Okay Junior, some people around here wonder why you brought cars and houses with you. Usually we try to avoid human stuff …
 Oh these are just toys. I hope you don’t mind? I’m a kid, I like to play.

- Well actually you deserted half of the forest »playing« … I heard you are japanese?
  Not exactly japanese, I was raised in the ocean nearby. And I know what you are hinting at. I must say, I’m terribly sorry, I have nothing to do with what happened and … I don’t wanna talk about it.

- I didn’t …
Honestly I had no idea, they knew they were taking a risk, didn’t they? It’s an earthquake area anyway …

     - well…
     … All I did was … I didn’t do anything … why is everybody blaming me, I am just a little kid, I came to your forest ‘cause I heard its nice and peaceful and you keep asking me these questions and…

    -…  er …
    … and how was I to know in the first place? Just because I am so small you think you can accuse me but a child has to have the right to play and its not fair the way everybody treats me I’m always doing everything wrong like mama said why do I have to break everything I touch but just ask her about Tokyo, you‘ll see what happens and then I come here and I am not a bad kid all I am is a bit larger than most of you is that a crime did you never destroy a city or something things happen and it’s so unfair …

    - take a handkerchief.
    Thank you!

    Uuh. Is that nuclear snot?
    Comes off with plutonium soap.

    just playing


      1. :-******** a cutie!

      2. haha. That's great. I like the little dotted bits of rubble. Those were a good addition. Makes it seem more like he's slowly breaking them.

      3. well writ, deer. Also, I like the tactical placement of the image.