Thursday, June 2, 2011

thoughts of a migrating bird

Travelling. It sounds so exciting, but really … after a while you’ve had it. Commuting like this can be exhausting. After all this time you know every single tree and rooftop along the way and all you want is your own cartwheel with a cosy nest of your own.
Does that sound boring? It‘s just that migrating can be such a drag. You’re never quite there, always on your way, you know?
I reckon, after a while one feels the itch to move on again. We’re not easily satisfied with what we’ve got, are we?
Oh, the wind is changing. One more drink and I‘ll be back on the cloud!
See you.

See you. Have a nice air or whatever, I just wish you a good trip. Beware of the turkeys!
Turkeys? What a stupid thing to say, I thought.

have a nice trip

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