Tuesday, July 19, 2011

being small

I've always been quite small and one day I was just fed up with being pushed around. Some people told me this is just the way it is, there is a reason for the small and weak ones to be in this world, but I just couldn’t accept that.
I just didn’t know what to do about it.

Then I met this guy who had an amazing fertilizer method. He told me there is a solution, I do not have to be this small. He sold me this patented device (Flow-A-Pot it was called, I think. His own invention!), and I had to stay in there four hours every day, my feet in the mud. And I was sprinkled with fertilizer, very good stuff: I spent a fortune on this fertilizer.
It didn’t work right away (this is normal, he said, it can take a few weeks to catch on), and unfortunately he had to leave to Offigo country to save a sick family member’s life. Before he left, he measured me and found that I had already grown some, but in a way the effect didn’t last. He left his yardstick and it was shorter than mine, probably due to a side effect of the fertilizer. So there I was still as small as before.

Then I started this sport thing and the teacher showed me how it can be an advantage to be small. The funny thing is, I don’t need to use it. I just wear this suit and put on my „don't mess with me“-face. That’s enough!

So I’m still small, but it’s OK now, at least the pushing around has stopped.
Still I’m hoping for the fertilizer guy to come back. With the money I saved by now, I’d like to grow a bit more …

the don’t mess with me - face!

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  1. Haha, cute story. The 'Don't mess with me' face is quite convincing, small guy full of bigness.