Thursday, July 7, 2011

tales of carrots and terror

When the night falls upon your innocent little houses with your innocent little children’s rooms and your innocent little back yard gardens with innocent little vegetable patches – stay inside, you brave little people, and make sure your windows are closed! For it may be one of these pitch black, moonless nights, when as soon as the deep shadows creeps over the lettuce, unspeakable things emerge from their secret hideouts. Creatures of the gloom. Be afraid! You will not be the first ones to step outside your innocent little houses in the morning and find your vegetables dead – drained of every last drop of carrot juice!

I know you like these cute fluffy little beings, and rightfully so. Just you never forget, there is a dark side to it. I know you won’t believe me. Just listen to the night. Can’t you hear something moving in the darkness?

You have been warned.

be afraid!