Friday, August 26, 2011

but underneath …

He, Gringo, what’s up?
All pretty caramba around here-io, no?

O.K., I admit, I’m not from this area and I try to mix in a bit.
When you’re in Rome …
What? You‘ve never seen a hat like that around here? Well, then it's about time to open your eyes, smarty. You call it silly? A disguise? Oh, I understand.

You have probably never heard of style, have you? This phenomenous hat makes me a man of class and substance, it adds that certain flavour to my personality. When I enter a room wearing it, I feel eyes turning to me, people holding to their wine glasses in awe and respect: They realize, in an instant of immediatelyness, that someone BIG just crossed their ways, and they probably feel their simple little lives will never be the same again. My aura – stretching out even beyond it’s ample brim – fills the room and they treat me to some ice cream.
(which, by the way, doesn’t melt so fast in the shadow of my grande hat.)

Hasta la vida, like they say here. I bet you‘ll get yourself a hat now.

Thanks for the ice cream.

the gentleman and his hat


  1. Hahaha... such a nice character!!! :)

    Usar sombrero y comer helados es indispensable en este verano tan caluroso, jeje.

  2. I like this a lot..both the writing and drawing its a great story...a Sombrero...I even put one on for my gives one great presence!!!:)

  3. Love the colors and the character design. Nice work.

  4. this is great, and makes me want ice cream!