Friday, August 19, 2011

fairy tales

My niece used to be such a nice and friendly girl. But then, about a year ago, she started to hang out with these weird people. Mostly fairies and elves, from what I’ve heard.

I saw her last week, hardly recognized her at all. I mean she looked like in the magazines she’s probably reading, like a model. All glittery and horse-like, with shiny fur and horn polish and all. And she lost so much weight, I wonder if she ever eats! I guess it’s the folks she is with, that is another world, very glamourous and, well, fake. Nobody looks like that in real life, it is just impossible.

But these young girls, they believe they can transform into what they see in the magazines by doing horrible things to themselves, and they never realize they are trying to match what is nothing but an artificial image that never existed in reality.

And the fairies encouraged her to that. It’s sad. But try to talk to her, she won’t listen. We are wonderful creatures the way we are. Can’t improve that.

I’m afraid she has to find out by herself.
Hope she’ll make it...

the truth about unicorns


  1. My dearest young friend showed up today with a pierced nose. She was gorgeous without the pierced nose; she is still gorgeous with the pierced nose and happy with it. I wouldn't have done it but then I'm 66. Grüße aus Schottland!

  2. Cute :) But not so cute that kids starve themselves because they listen to the fairies. Give her an apple and tell her unicorns eat them.

  3. I like Linda's advice. And, usually, they grow out of it. Love your truthful unicorn!

  4. Well said! If only more people knew the truth behind the unicorn myth! Very nice monster-y beast. :)