Monday, August 1, 2011

rock star

You have been one of ther most influential musicians of the last decades, critics found that you captured the spirit of a whole generation like very few bands in popular music. How do you feel when people compare you to, say, Harry and the Hairballs or Claws, just to name a few.

(laughs) well, who wrote that? Anyway, someone seems to like what we do. Cool.

Did becoming the superstar you are now change your life a lot? I know, this must be a question you are asked quite often in interviews like ours. 

Yes. Quite often.

I would like to ask you a few questions about your private life, the person you are when you’re not on stage, and how being as popular as you are affects your life as compared to the lifes that we, who do not stand in the spotlight of the mass media, know.

Oh. Why do you think this is interesting?

I’m sure our readers would like to know how your life is, compared to their own lifes, it might make them feel like they know you. Many of them are your fans, you know…

So you assume your readers are interested. How about you, you are a journalist, do you…

You know, I do this a lot. I ask these questions to some very popular person and our readers seem to like that. I help you celebrities get more and more popular and nobody remembers my name, ever. It’s not like I expect to reveal any groundbreaking news doing this.

So you would rather ask critical questions? Discover dark secrets? What are your dreams and hopes, what did make you want to become a journalist?

It is what I do best. I told stories as long as I can think, used to make up tales and told them to my hamster when I was a kid.
After school I dreamed of becoming an author, write a great novel and get the recognition I deserve, that sort of thing, you know? You must understand I come from a very simple background, we never had much money. Finally my parents convinced me to get into journalism. It puts bread on the table and I'm still able to write. You know what it’s like (or maybe not, I don’t know).
So I am in this field now, but I can do better. I know that one day I will get my chance to write „the“ big story. There is more to journalism than interviewing rock stars and I know I am good. Just waiting for my great moment. You’ll see!

I am sure you’ll get your chance. Our time is over, gotta get on stage now. Thank you for this interview.

But I …

get on stage now


  1. Hi Deer Prudence, thanks for you nice comment. I love your Illustrations, so expressive with such simple lines, takes a lot of talent for that! I especially love your mad dogs, totally different and almost fine art, multi talented!

  2. This guy's great and you've got one of the best blog titles going!

  3. Awesome :) hea a grest character :) hehe i like his rocking out pose :D

  4. Such a great and clever rock star monster. That's right, turn the tables on the press!

  5. Loved reading this...great twist in the interview. The drawing is funny and is even funnier when I didn't expect him to look like that whilst reading! Your blog is unique.

  6. Haha, great story! I like the rock star, seems like a kindhearted monster.