Thursday, August 25, 2011

uncanny rabbits

They are out there every night.
Simply sit in the grass, under the moonlight or in the rain, every day.
Probably harmless. Just meeting, talking about their next gathering, chatting like this:

»When is our next appointment, the three of us? In whatever weather conditions there may be...«
»Well afther the hurly and thso on. When the carrotte is lost and, hopefully, wonne again.«
»I liketh carrots.«
(agreeing noises  from the others)
»That maketh it about ere the set of sunne then, huh? After tea-time?«
»Okay we have a time now. But where the place?«
»Now what a questhion? This is the best plathe. I don't want to meet thsomewhere else.«
»So the heath again. Well … exciting … but if you like it.«  
(shrugs, as far as rabbits can do that)
»There to meet with fresh carrots?«
»I liketh carrots. I come.«
»Hold it, grey!«
(all three giggle like teenagers – suddenly silence)
»The aire is foule. Filthy, I’d say.«
»Don’t look at me like that. It came from over there.«

Then they leave, and they will be there tomorrow, same time, on the grass. Something is odd about them, I can't help it.

when the hurley-burley’s done.


  1. Looks like them have been interrupted in middle of the conversion, funny bunch!

  2. Really like this, the texts you write to go with your illustrations are lovely, and paraphrasing the Scottish play for rabbits in the dark is great!

  3. Very cute dialog to go with this fun illustration! Cute and mysterious at the same time...clever!!

  4. I love the mystery of what image will appear when I have read through your post... and it never disappoints. Thanks.