Monday, September 19, 2011

the order of things

William came home from another long and messy business trip and just before he opened his front door, when he noticed his neighbor, Mr. Nelson. Mr. Nelson was out on his front yard, mowing his lawn.

This is odd, William thought.

Instead of opening the door, he turned around and went back to the bus station. Next to it was a little shop that sold newspapers, candy bars and a limited assortment of groceries. William had hardly ever been inside, but he knew where it was.
William went inside and studied the frontpages of the newspapers. Hm, just what I suspected, he thought to himself. Then he asked the shopkeeper, just to make sure.

»'cuse me, which day of the week is it?«
»It’s Monday. Would you like to buy a newspaper, sir?«
»Hm, I thought so. No thanks, I don’t read much.«, William replied and headed back home.

So it was monday. Why would anyone mow his lawn on a monday? Weird. William was deeply confused. It was his conviction that there is a natural order to things that mustn’t be messed with. He slowly trodded towards his front door, keys in his hand, passing Mr. Nelson a second time, who was still busy mowing his front door lawn. Absently he greeted him.
»Arr, William. Back from your trip?«
William opened the door and walked inside.

William was deeply confused.


  1. You are absolutely right, deer prudence, when you say that everything will be fine now. I feel that every time I see anything you have drawn or written. Everything is fine (more than fine) as long as I can read or look at your creations. You are an amazing creature, and I wish you tremendous good fortune and every happiness.

  2. @missprinteditions: Thank you for your kind words. (Did I say that everything will be fine now?)
    @sasa: I agree.

  3. Yes, indeed you did: "Now that it is here, everything will be fine at last!" (from your very own profile, and absolutely right, as I said above).

  4. I should read my own stuff sometimes…

  5. i'm proud to say that i've never mowed my lawn on a monday. thanks for stopping by the littlecatville the other day.

  6. Awe...sorry that he's confused, but very nicely done! Thanks so much for popping by over at POP ART MINIS Very nice to meet you!

  7. I often feel like William. I love this post. :)

  8. I'm not sure if I've mowed on a Monday. Oh geez. In any case, William is very cute and I hope his equilibrium is restored soon.

  9. Aww! Poor William definitely looks puzzled! Great expression!