Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the token jellyfish

Okay, they want me to put in my two cents to this blog. I suspect I am a kind of a token here – I’m the first water animal here, no?

Excuse me for not counting the bird in a submarine here. Funny.
The deer told me that they make a point of not featuring humans here, which seems bizarre at first glance. But after I recovered from my laughing fit and I did read a bit in the blogs all around, it looks indeed like humans are over-represented there. Just – sorry, but honestly, they all look alike. Me, I’ve been around the block a few times, I wouldn’t say vertebrae, but mammals? No chance, they are so similar really. I mean I read it and it seems to matter to them but put a deer in my face and tell me its a turkey, I won’t notice probably.

Oh, turkey isn’t a mammal? There you go.

It’s all about the point of view, you see? We are neglected by these people. it’s not like we are a minority on this planet, are we? A few warm-blooded creatures went to the dry areas (why would anybody do so in the first place?), developed some primitive technology and immediately forgot about the rest of us.

So if there is something for me to tell here, it’s this: Peace, man. We are all carbon-derived life forms after all (okay, most of us are), so let’s try to get along. Just don’t forget time didn’t stand still in the ocean. We are still here. Respect us.
And if those humans are bothering you, you do have these submarines …

Just kidding.

did you notice you all look alike?